Courses since '92

Established in 1992
Courses offered since 1992


>1992 Spring
Local Architecture I                                                   Nancy Hoy
Modern Art with Emphasis on Picasso                 Dr. Jeanne Tasse
(Trip: Cleveland Museum of Art)

>1992 Fall
Our World in the Fall                                                Lynn Barnhart, Ann Jacoby, Marilynn Ortt,
Caroline Putnam. Esther Stowe
Art and Life in the Medieval Times                        Dr. Jeanne Tasse
(and Medieval Feast)
Creative Writing                                                        Gerald Evans
Local History                                                             Louise Zimmer

>1993 Winter
Studying the Outdoors Indoors                              Marilyn Ortt, Lynn Barnhart
The Arts in America to 1900                                   Dr. Jeanne Tasse
The World's Great Living Religions                      Rev. Dale Beittel
America's Role in the World:                                 Jane Crandall
New Risks,New Realities

>1993 Spring
Wonderful World of Spring in Wash. County     Marilyn Ortt, Lynn Barnhart
Local Architecture I                                                 Nancy Hoy
River Lore I                                                              James Stephens
Genealogy I                                                             Carolyn Grammer

>1993 Fall
Wonderful World of Fall in Wash. County          Marilyn Ortt, Lynn Barnhart
Local Architecture II                                               Nancy Hoy
Marietta and Frontier Experience                       Louise Zimmer
Genealogy II                                                           Carolyn Grammer

>1994 Winter
Ancient Greek Art and Civilization                     Dr. Jeanne Tasse
(Greek Luncheon)
Some Literature in English                                 Gerald Evans
Introduction to Native American  History          Dr. James O'Donnell

>1994 Spring
War Between the States                                      Norman Pape
Forestry in Southeast Ohio                                 Wayne National Forest, ODNR
River Lore  II                                                          James Stephens
Having Fun with French                                      Leo Daniels
The Wonderful World of Spring in                     Marilyn Ortt, Lynn Barnhart
Washington Country

>1994 Fall
Forestry in Southeast Ohio                                  Phil Perry, ODNR
The Constitution and Elections                          Dr. Robert Hill
History of Marietta & Washington County         Jerry Devol
Survey of Local Architecture I                             Nancy Hoy
Having Fun with French                                      Leo Daniels

>1995 Winter
Art and Life in Ancient Roman Times               Dr. Jeanne Tasse
(followed by Roman Feast)
More Having Fun with French                            Leo Daniels
Marietta: From Here to There                             Gerald Evans

>1995 Spring
An Industrial Tale of Two Cities                         Dr. Robert Putnam, Coordinator
Writing Nonfiction                                                 William Sheppard
Storytelling                                                            Louise Zimmer
The Wonderful World of Spring in                     Marilyn Ortt, Lynn Barnhart
Washington County
Painting in Retirement                                         Carol Dewey
Having Fun with French, Continued                 Leo Daniels

>1995 Fall
More Painting                                                        Carol Dewey
Color and Design                                                 Dr. Jeanne Tasse
The Black Experience in the Ohio  Valley       Henry Burke
Forestry in Southeast Ohio                                 Gene Walter, Mead Paper Co.

>1996 Winter
Art and Architecture from the Late Antique     Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Period to the 8th century Byzantine Court
Myths, Fables, Folktales                                    Gerald Evans
Painting III                                                            Carol Dewey
From Iceland to the Bering Sea;  The Nat.     Dr. Robert Putnam, Coordinator
History and Peoples of the Far North

>1996 Spring
The Wonderful World of Spring in                    Marilyn Ortt. Lynn Barnhart
Washington County
The Geology of Wash. & Wood Counties       Dr. Dwayne Stone
Painting                                                                 Carol Dewey
Basic and Practical Photography                     Bill Jahn

>1996 Fall
Painting                                                                 Carol Dewey
150 Years of Marietta Architecture                   Nancy Hoy
Japanese Life and Culture                                Dr. William Smith
Outdoors in the Fall                                             Marilynn Ortt
Financial Planning for Seniors                         Bob Voisinet

>1997 Winter
A Tool Box for Coping with Stress                   Dr. Anna Prince
Art and Architecture of the Dark Ages            Dr. Jeanne Tasse
(Medieval Feast)
Astronomy for Everyone                                   Dr. Glenn Mansell
The Call of Stories—Modern American        Gerald Evans
& English Literature
Painting                                                               Carol Dewey

>1997 Spring
Small Boats and their Construction               James Stephens
The Geology of Washington and Wood        Dr. Dwayne Stone
The Wonderful World of Spring in                 Marilyn Ortt
Washington County
Tell Me a Story Mary Davidson
Keeping a Traveler's/Naturalist's Notebk      Dr. Anna Prince
Painting                                                               Carol Dewey

>1997 Fall
Color and Design                                              Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Demystifying Poetry                                          Maggie Berdine
Outdoors in the Fall                                           Marilyn Ortt
Painting                                                               Carol Dewey
The Concepts of Eastern Religions               Dr. William Smith

>1998 Winter
English Inside Out                                             Gerald Stephens
The Age of the Cathedrals                               Dr. Jeanne Tasse
(trip to Carnegie Museum of Art) 
Chemistry Can be Fun                                      Dr. Robert Putnam
Painting                                                               Carol Dewey

>1998 Spring
Washington County in the Spring                   Marilyn Ortt, Lynn Barnhart
Painting                                                               Carol Dewey
Dinosaurs                                                            Dr. Edward Crisp
100 Years of Business in Marietta Area        Samuel Cook, Coordinator

>1998 Fall
Outdoors in the Fall                                            Marilyn Ortt, Lynn Barnhart
Painting                                                                Carol Dewey

>1999 Winter
Early Renaissance Art and Culture                 Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Tai Chi                                                                   Dr. Margaret Ross
Painting                                                                 Carol Dewey
Survival German                                                  Ruth Gentes-Krawczyk

>1999 Spring
Chinese Culture and History to 1937               Dr. Frank Cheng
Literature and Sports                                           Gerald Evans
Painting                                                                  Carol Dewey
The World of Opera                                              James Dunphy
The Birds and the Bees at Home                       Dr. Brad Bond

>1999 Fall
Pioneer History                                                      Louise Zimmer
Painting                                                                   Carol Dewey
Reminiscences of WW II                                       Debra Conner
A Man's Look at Women's Fiction                       Gerald Evans

>2000 Winter
Tai Chi                                                                      Dr. Margaret Ross
A Short Course in Gardening                              Tim Spanner
Shakespeare on Love                                           Maggie Berdine
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
The World and I (Discussion course)                 Jane Crandall, Moderator

>2000 Spring
Art in the High Renaissance                                Dr. Jeanne Tasse
(Cultural trip to Cincinnati)
Bridges: A Study of selected bridges                 James Stephens
on the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
The Mob of Scribbling Women                            Rebecca Phillips
The Secret Life of the Victorian House              Nancy Hoy, Neil Allen

>2000 Fall
Shakespeare On Love                                          Debra Conner
Ohio Canals                                                            Brad Bond
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
2001 Winter
The Seventeenth Century—the Baroque          Dr. Jeanne Tasse
The Ways of Religion                                            Dr. William Smith
Painting                                                                   Carol Dewey
Journeying through Opera                                  James Dunphy

>2001 Spring
200 Years of Transportation in the                     James Stephens, Joe Rutter
Mid-Ohio Valley
Painting                                                                   Carol Dewey
The Joy of Cartooning                                          W.D.Williamson
Birds and Bees in Spring                                      Dr. Brad Bond

>2001 Fall
Shakespeare on Love                                           Maggie Berdine
The Chemical Bases of Everyday Things          Dr. Robert Putnam
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
Stories in Stone                                                      Louise Zimmer

>2002 Winter
The World and I (discussion)                               Jane Crandall, Moderator
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
The Eighteenth Century—The Enlightened      Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Age (Cultural trip to Washington, DC)
Antiques: An Introduction and Roadshow         Caroline Putnam

>2002 Spring
A Potpourri of Subjects                                          Various Instructors
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
20th century Architecture                                      Nancy Hoy
Fall Hiking                                                                Dr. Almuth Tschunko
Potpourri                                                                  Ruth Thornily , Coordinator
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
Demystifying Industry Plants                                David Hawkins
How to Write Your Own Life Story                       Dr. Charles Pridgeon

>2002 Fall
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
Demystifying Local Industry                                 Ray Zoerkler, Dave Hawkins
Tell Your Own Tale                                                John Northrup
World and I (Discussion)                                      Jane Crandall

>2003 Winter
The Nineteenth Century—The Age of                Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Romanticism (Cultural trip to Chicago)
The World and I (Discussion)                               Elroy Waltzer, Moderator
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
People Who Made a Difference                          Various instructors

>2003 Spring
Shakespeare Off the Page                                   Dr. James Hoy
Walking Towards Summer                                   Dr. Almuth Tschunko
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
Art & Physics (Discussion Course)                     Elroy Waltzer, Moderator, Dr. Jeanne Tasse

>2003 Fall
The World and I (Discussion)                               Elroy Waltzer, Moderator
The Elements— Nature's Building Blocks          Dr. Robert Putnam
Whose Business Is It?                                            Steve Vekich, Dave Hawkins
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey

>2004 Winter
The 20th Century—Modernism                            Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Collecting? Collecting                                            Caroline Putnam
Art & Physics (Discussion)                                     Elroy Walzter, Moderator Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Painting                                                                     Carol Dewey

>2004 Spring
The World and I (Discussion)                               Elroy Waltzer
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
Cartoons: A Mighty Tool                                        J. D. Williamson
Opera in the Fabulous Century                            James Dunphy
A Cornucopia of Spring, or Take a Hike             Dr. Brad Bond
Architecture - 19th Century Mid Ohio Valley      Nancy Hoy

>2004 Fall
Geology of the Marietta-Parkersburg Area         Dr. Dwayne Stone
Wine Tasting With Babette                                    Babette Bole
Whose Business Is It?                                           Steve Vekich, Dave Hawkins
The World And 1 (Discussion)                             Elroy Waltzer
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey

>2005 Winter
Collecting                                                                 Caroline Putnam, Randy Clark
The Fabric of the Cosmos                                    Elroy Waltzer
Music and Art History                                            Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Painting                                                                   Carol Dewey
Gardening by Design                                           James Gottfried
The Courts and the Constitution                         Dr. Robert Hill

>2005 Spring
Dinosaurs                                                                 Dr. Duane Stone
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
Local Authors                                                          Dr. Jeanne Tasse, Coordinator
The Chemistry of Cooking                                    Dr. Robert Putnam, et al
Washington County and the Civil War                Norman Pape

>2005 Fall
Intro to Genealogical Research                            Dan Grammer
Fall in Washington Co.                                           Marilyn Ort and Lynn Barnhart
Painting                                                                     Carol Dewey
Jazz Age                                                                   Debra Conner
Marietta Sampler                                                     Carol Dewey, et. al.

>2006 Winter
History of Music and Art from the                          Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Middle Ages to the Renaissance
Pioneer History                                                        Louise Zimmer
Collecting                                                                 Randy Clark
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
Far Away Places                                                     Tanya Wilder, Ghassan Khalik, et. al.
The Fabric of The Cosmos --  Brian Greene      Elroy Waltzer

>2006 Spring
Artists and Gardens                                                 Dr. Anna Prince
Painting                                                                     Carol Dewey
Science Fiction Then, Now, and Future              Elin Jones
The Met’s Greatest Hits                                          James Dunphy
The Roberts Court: A Premature Appraisal        Dr. Robert Hill
World War II - Table Talks                                      Debra Conner

>2006 Fall
Drama As Cultural Influence                                 Marian Kurner
Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective             Dr. James Hoy
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
Walking Through Autumn                                     Dr. Almuth Tschunko
Jazz - Echoes Of New Orleans                            Art Jones
Local Area Sampler                                              Various

>2007 Winter
Painting                                                                   Carol Dewey
The Met's Greatest Hits                                        James Dunphy
Science, Engineering, and Society                    Elroy Waltzer et al
History of Music and Art - Renaissance            Dr. Jean Tasse
Civil War - Up Close and Personal                    Scott Britton
WW II Table Talks                                                 Debra Conner

>2007 Spring
Arts and Letters Discussion Group                    Al Kimmel
Collecting                                                               Randy Clark, et. al.
History Hodge-Podge                                          Louise Zimmer
Painting                                                                  Carol Dewey
Religion And Politics                                            Dr. Robert Hill
Stroll Into Spring                                                    Dr. Brad Bond

>2007 Fall
Architecture 101                                                     Nancy Hoy
Painting                                                                    Carol Dewey
Understanding the Fundamentals of Music       Barbara Beittel
The Peculiar and Alarming Hist. of Medicine    Dr. Ghassan Khalil, Dr. James Hoy
Amazing History of Mathematics                         Dr. Mark Miller
The Civil War Revisited                                        Scott Britton

>2008 Winter
The Trial and Death of Socrates                         Dr. Robert Hill
Antiques, 2008                                                       Caroline Putnam
The Art and Craft of Poetry                                   Dr. Carol Steinhagen
Art and Music of the 17th Century                      Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Science, Technology, and Society                     Elroy Waltzer

>2008 Spring
The Bible As Literature                                         Dr. Joseph Sullivan
Best of the Rest                                                      James Dunphy
Appalachia                                                              Dr. Laura Little
Riparius                                                                   Elin Jones
Nature and Nation: American Landscape        Dr. Charles Pridgeon

>2008 Fall
Oratory of the American Revolution                    Dr. Wayne Wall
Geology of the Marietta-Parkersburg Area        Dr. Dwayne Stone
Riparius Redux                                                       Elin Jones
Painting – New Directions                                    Beverly Walker

>2009 Winter
Romanticism in Art and Music                             Dr. Jeanne Tasse
The Places and Faces of Scotland’s Past         Dr. Barbara MacHaffie
Introduction of the Middle East Culture             Christopher Ihab Badran
Introduction to Latin                                              Father Bob Kawa

>2009 Spring
Fundamentals of Renewable Energy               Andrew Grimm
The Life and Times of Leonardo Da Vinci       Elroy Waltzer
Geometry and Theology, Then and Now         Dr. Mark Miller
Opera After 1900                                                  James Dunphy
Short Story, The Art of Revelation                     Dr. Carol Steinhagen

>2009 Fall
Stories in Stone                                                    Dr. James Hoy
Beginning Calligraphy                                        Sharon Hanse
Lincoln                                                                    Dr. Robert Hill
Global Climate Change                                      Dr. David Cress
Japanese Culture and Longevity                      Akemi Matsumoto

>2010 Winter
Intelligent Design?                                               Dr. Brad Bond
Modernism in Art and Music                               Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Landscape Architechure                                    Jim Gottfried
Introduction to Latin                                             Father Bob Kawa
Stories of Town and River                                  Jean Nuss, Ruth Thornily, Coordinators

>2010 Spring
Mark Twain                                                           Dr. Carol Steinhagen
Shakespeare                                                        Dr. Joseph Sullivan
Science, Technology, and Society                   Elroy Waltzer
German Languate and Culture                         Dr. William McNeely
Bird Watching                                                       Elsa Thompson

>2010 Fall
Japanese Culture                                                Alemi Matsumoto
Plato's Republic                                                   Dr. Robert Hill
Giants of Physics                                                 Dr. William  McNeely
Descartes' Dream                                                Dr. Mark Miller
Nature Around Marietta                                      Dr. Almuth Tschunko

>2011 Winter
How Far Is That Star?                                         Dr. Ann Bragg
Shakespeare's Greatest Hits                             Dr. Joseph Sullivan 
Music to Drive the Winter Blues Away             Arthur Jones, Coordinator
Principles of Photography                                  Mitch Casey
Cities and Communities                                     Dr. Paula Riggs

>2011 Spring
Around the World in Eight Weeks                     Dr. James Hoy, Coordinator
Anti-Slavery and Emancipation                         Dr. Bruce Flack 
Words in Time                                                       Dr. Carol Steinhagen
Two French DIrectors                                          Dr. David Cress
Sustainable Landscapes                                    Jim Gottried

>2011 Fall
Giants of Physics and Chemistry                      Dr. William McNeely
Five BIg Religions                                               Dr. David Talbott
Life Review                                                          Megan Krivchena
Collecting III                                                         Caroline Putnam
The Subject Is Love                                            Dr. Robert Hill

>2012 Winter
Stories of Local Military Veterans                      Scott Britton
Music for Keyboard Instruments                        David Nuss 
Exoplanets and Aliens                                        Dr. Ann Bragg
Historical Musings Around Marietta                 Jann Adams
Four Great Directors                                            Dr. John Michel

>2012 Spring
Presidential Greatness                                       Dr. Bruce Flack
The Arab World                                                    Dr. Janice Terry
Sustainable Energy                                             M.J. Ebenhack, Coordinator
To Live Justly                                                        Dr. Mark Miller
Colliders                                                                Dr. Wlliam McNeely and Elroy Waltzer

>2012 Fall
The American Dream in American Literature         Dr. Nicole Livengood
Music for Keyboard Instruments - Part II                David Nuss
Sherlock and Mrs. Brown                                        Dr. James Hoy
The People's Constitution                                       Dr. Robert Hill
The Secret Life of the Brain                                    Dr. Wlliam McNeely

>2013 Winter
Profiles of Courage                                                 Dr. Bruce Flack
Life Review II                                                           Megan Krivchenia
The Amazing World of Insects                               Dr. Brad Bond
Romancing the Beast                                            Dr. Beverly Hogue
Overseas Adventures                                            Ed Osborne, Coordinator

>2013 Spring
The Secret Life of the Brain II                                 Dr. Wlliam McNeely
Invisible Hand Stories                                             Dr. Greg Delemeester
Railroads in US History and Culture                    Dr. Carol Steinhagen
Modern China Through Fiction and Film             Dr. Luding Tong
History of Religion in America                               Dr. David Torbett

>2013 Fall
Brain III                                                         Dr. William McNeely
Arab Israeli Conflict                                           Dr. Janice Terry
There and Back                                               Andy and Kate Grimm
Keyboard Music III                                           David Nuss
Writing Memoirs                                               Cheryl Stahle

>2014 Winter
Brazilian Culture                                                Dr. Ted Goertzel
German Language and Culture                            Dr. William McNeely and Jann Adams
This is Wallace: Selected Writings from an American Master    Dr. Mark Miller
Gender in Europe from Early Modern to Modern Times          Dr. Kathryn McDaniel
Laughing in the Dark: Hollywood Comedies                          Dr. John Michel

>2014 Spring
Genetics                                                          Dr. William McNeely
History and Art of the Byzantine Empire                Dr. Ernie Novak
Sustainability and Our Future                               Andy Grimm
Microbes in Health and Illness                              Dr. Steve Spilatro
Jazz for Everyone                                             Art Jones and Mark Neyman

>2014 Fall
What Was So Great About the Great War?           Dr. Carol Steinhagen 
Principles of Macroeconomics                               Dr. Jacqueline Khorassani
Popular Music of the 50's and 60's                       Ed Osborne and Sid Potash
Social Movements and Social Change                    Dr. Ted Goertzel
Bring Back the Pollinators                                    Dr. Rebecca Phillips

>2015 Winter
The Enduring Conflict:  The American Civil War      Dr. Bruce Flack 
The Psychology of Good and Evil                            Dr. Mark Sibicky
South American Natural History                             Dr. Brad Bond
Be Bop and Beyond                                              David Nuss
Folk Dancing with Fun                                          Becky Wright

>2015 Spring
Brain IV                                                              Dr. Bill McNeely 
The Human Figure in Art Through the Ages           Dr. Jeanne Tasse
Revolution: Egypt 52, Algeria 54, Iran 79, Egypt?   Dr. Janice Terry
How Cells 'tick' and make us sick                          Dr. Steve Spilatro
Incredible Changes in China                                 Kunqiang Qian
Three Seasons in the Valley                                 Various

>2015 Fall
Calligraphy                                                       Sharon Hanse  
Jazz on the Eighty-Eight                                     David Nuss
The Art of Film                                                  Maggie Meyer 
Work:  To Be and to Have                                   Dr. Mark Miller 
All Time Favorite Sherlock Holmes Stories              Dr. James Hoy

>2016 Winter
Aliens and Exoplanets 2016                                 Dr. Ann Bragg  
The Conduct of U.S. Foreign Policy                      Dr. Mike Smith
Wonderful World of Minerals                                Dr. Brad Bond 
More Fun With Folk Dance                                   Becky Wright
A Fistful of Westerns                                           Dr. John Michel

>2016 Spring
Math For People Who Hate Math                          Dr. Bill McNeely  
The Finance of Retirement                                  Dr. Duong Le
Flash Points: Syria, Turkey, and Lebanon              Dr. Janice Terry 
1950's and '60s Popular Music                            Ed Osborne
Early Britain:  Legends and Legacies                     Dr. Kathryn McDaniel
Three Seasons in the Valley                                 Various

>2016 Fall
The Sex Life of Plants                                          Nancy Dew
Real Life Aliens -- Invaders From Our Own Planet     Katy Lustofin
Creative Writing Workshop                                   Lois Spencer
The Great American Short Story                            Maggie Meyer
The First Gilded Age                                           Dr. Carol Steinhagen

>2017 Winter
A History of World Cinema, Part I                         Dr. Dave Cress
Self and Stagecraft in Greek Tragedy                     Melissa Bannister and Jayne Whitlow
A Taste of O. Henry                                            Dr. Jim Hoy
Digital Photography                                           Dr. Dave McShaffrey
Utopians, Dystopians and the Singularity               Dr. Ted Goertzel

>2017 Spring
The American Presidency                                     Dr. Mike Smith
Are We Having Fun Yet? -- Humor                         Dr. Bill McNeely
Seniorcise: The Science of Exercise for Seniors        Dr. Marybeth Peebles
Venice - History and Art                                       Ernie Novak and Mark Neyman
Legendary Ladies of the Silver Screen                     Dr. John Michel