Dave Cress
Dave Cress

Ph.D., Portland State University
M.S., Iowa State University
B.S., Marietta College

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(740) 373-2999

Previous ILR Course Taught:
Global Climate Change
Two French Directors
A History of World Cinema, Part I: From the Nineteenth Century to the 50’s

Current Course Being Taught:
A History of World Cinema, Part 2

Dave Cress was born in Parkersburg and commuted to Marietta College where he graduated in 1962 with a BS in Physics and Math. He also has a Master's in Metallurgy from Iowa State and a PhD in Physics and Environmental Science from Portland State. He has worked for Corning Glass research labs on optical transmission in photogray glass, for Allis Chalmers labs on properties of semimetals and for the US Atomic Energy Commission on properties of rare-earth metals. Dave then worked for over twenty-five years at Marietta College in the petroleum engineering department. He retired in 2007 and spends his extra time reading and taking classes.