Carol Steinhagen
Carol Steinhagen Degrees:
Ph.D. University of Illinois


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(740) 373-0410

Past ILR classes taught:
Words in Time
Mark Twain
Short Story
Reflections on the Role of Railroads in US History and Culture
What Was So Great About the Great War?
The First Gilded Age

Current ILR class being taught:
How the 20’s Roared

After getting a Ph.D. at the University of Illinois, Carol Steinhagen began what she thought would be a short stint teaching English at Marietta College.  She didn't realize that she would enjoy the community of a small college and a small town.  Thirty years later, looking back over a rewarding career, she decided to try the untenured, unsalaried life of a poet.  Now she divides her time among writing, volunteering at the Castle, collecting antiques, and taking and teaching ILR classes.