Ted Goertzel

Ted Goertzel

PhD. Washington University
MA. Washington University
BA: Antioch College

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(740) 749-0290

Previous ILR classes taught:
Brazil and the Brazilians
Social Movements and Social Change
Utopians, Dystopians and the Singularity

Current ILR class being taught:
H. G. Wells: Novelist, Historian and Futurist



Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University, Camden NJ. Author or co-author of: Linus Pauling: A Life in Science and Politics: Cradles of Eminence: Second Edition; Fernando Henrique Cardoso: Reinventing Democracy in Brazil; Brazil's Lula: The Most Popular Politician on Earth; "The Conspiracy Meme;" "The Great São Paulo Homicide Drop;" and others. Web site: http://crab.rutgers.edu/~goertzel/